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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Working with Millennials


Who is part of the millennial generation? What makes them successful – or unsuccessful? Watch this captivating video that helps us understand this highly talked about generation: If you have a millennial in your life who is struggling, call Tamara Ancona, MA, LPC, at (678) 297-0708 for an evaluation, and to discuss treatment options for their situation.

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Parenting Resolution: Let Your Kids Get Bored


Some New Year’s resolutions are often fairly standard – eat healthier, exercise more and spend more time with loved ones. But in 2017 we challenge you to resolve to let your kids be bored. Yes, bored! In an article written by Teresa Belton (published by the World Economic Forum in September of 2016), she helps parents understand that boredom is actually excellent for kids and necessary for their healthy development. So sit back, relax and read about how you aren’t going to feel guilty when you hear the words, “I’m bored!” from your kids.Being bored is good for children - and adults. This is why:From books, arts and sports classes to iPads and television, many parents do everything in their power to entertain and educate their children. But what would happen if children were just left [...]

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