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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Boys Hurt by Hookup Culture Too


Today's youth frequently manage their relationships - both friendships and romantic relationships - through technology. The combination of adolescent hormones and freedom with technology has led to a pervasive "hook up" culture - where interactions are focused on quick physical intimacy. With teens looking at their screens constantly they aren't spending time talking face to face and having the opportunity to pick up on facial cues, and learn from mistakes made like in times past. The affects of this have been shown to be negative for girls. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that boys are also negatively affected by the "hook up" mentality. Abigail Pesta wrote the article below, which demonstrates the current trends and what we can do about it. Boys also harmed by teen 'hookup' culture, experts say By: Abigail Pesta A [...]

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Back to School for Students with ASD or ADHD


Returning to school is a big deal for all students, but for students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD the challenge can be even greater. As students start and settle into a new school year there are things that can help minimize the stress and promote a healthy outlook on learning. Dr. Gordon Day, Executive Clinical Director and Founder of Seven Stars wrote a recent article giving parents tips to facilitate a successful back to school transition, featured below. 5 Tips for Parents as your spectrum student heads back to school Heading back to school can be a real challenge for a teen student with ASD or other neurodevelopmental issues like ADHD.  Sometimes the thought of the coming school year fills teens with a sense of dread.  The social, behavioral and academic expectations in [...]

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