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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Screen Conversations to have Now


Summer is upon us! With the warming up of days comes kids out of school, pool parties, BBQ's ... and arguing about screen time?! This week's Tech Talk Tuesdays, put out by Screenagers, published the following article to help guide parents how to talk about screen time without creating arguments - and with everyone at home and the weather heating up, we could all use less arguments! Optimizing Parenting: I find this statistic staggering: thirty percent of adults and the same percentage of youth report that they argue daily about screen time at home. That is millions of kids, teens, and parents fighting every single day about screen issues and many millions more who fight often, though not daily. I have some suggestions about how to put more joy into parenting given all the new [...]

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Can anyone change smart phone addiction?


As technology becomes more prevalent in our day to day lives, it leaves some people asking if anyone or anything can break our smart phone addiction. One company - Boundless Mind - based out of California is trying to do just that. In an article in Time Magazine, writer Haley Sweetland Edwards explains how Boundless Mind is trying to help our tech-addicted world. "The headquarters of Boundless Mind looks as if it were created by a set designer to satisfy a cultural cliché. The tech startup is run out of a one-car garage a few blocks from California’s Venice Beach. On the morning I visited, in March, it was populated by a dozen screens–phones, tablets, monitors–and half as many 20-something engineers, all of whom were male and bearded, and one of whom wore a cowboy hat. Someone had [...]

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