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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Three Ways to Help You Fight Less Over Screen Time


Do you find yourself arguing with your teens over screen time? The folks over at Screenagers recently published these three tips to help reduce conflict around screen time and make life with teens a little more peaceful. How to Optimize Parenting I find this statistic staggering: thirty percent of adults and the same percentage of youth report that they argue daily about screen time at home. That is millions of kids, teens, and parents fighting every single day about screen issues and many millions more who fight often, though not daily. I have some suggestions about how to put more joy into parenting given all the new stressors that have come with today’s tech revolution. 1.     Have technology do some of the parenting work for you. Rather than constantly repeating, “Time to shut it off,” [...]

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Should Facebook Pay?!


Everyone is on social media so it can't be that damaging...right? Several organizations, however are concerned about long term mental health ramifications. The NHS even released the following article about the possible damages and what they feel needs to be done on the part of Facebook and Instagram to help compensate. Facebook and Instagram should be forced to fund treatment of mental health problems because of the damage caused by social media, the head of the NHS has suggested. Simon Stevens said the Government should consider introducing a “mental health levy” to fund NHS treatment of problems fueled by such websites. It follows concern that levels of anxiety, distress and depression among children and teenagers are reaching epidemic levels, with one in five teenage girls self-harming. Mr. Stevens told a global summit that there was [...]

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Effects of Short and Long-Term Marijuana Use


Marijuana use is a hot-button issue right now across the country. Some argue that the long term effects are minimal and are outweighed by the benefits. However, many medical professionals are not comfortable with it's distribution to the general public without strict regulations, particularly where youth could potentially have access to it. In "Adverse Health Effects of Marijuana Use" featured in the New England Journal of Medicine, they delve more deeply into the short and long term effects. The graphic below summarizes the findings. If you, or a loved one is struggling with marijuana addiction call Tamara Ancona, MA, LPC at (678) 297-0708 for an evaluation, and to discuss the best treatment options available.

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