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Monthly Archives: July 2019

When Wasting Time Hurts


How many of us, as adults are guilty of wasting time on screens? I'm sure everyone should be raising their hands. This week Screenagers tackles this issue with teens and tweens in the article below: I am impressed by the number of tweens and teens who tell me they feel bad about spending a lot of time on screens. These young people say things like "I hate that I wasted the day away." I then ask if they ever talk about this feeling at home. Generally, they say "no" because they don't want their parents to say something like "yeah, see I told you so," or "well, you should have known and just gone outside.” It is summer now, and plenty of youth are spending many hours on screens. Finding ways to help them identify [...]

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Going Phone-less for Camp


Summer camp is an exciting time, and with just a few more weeks of summer left kids are cramming in as much fun as possible. Screenagers had a great article, below, about the benefits of a screen free camp. Both day and sleep-away camps provide great opportunities for kids to unplug, connect face-to-face with people of many different ages and learn new skills.  And, many parents are loving this support of no-tech camp rules.  Lindsay L. says, “No screens allowed, best rule ever!.”  Randi R. chimes in, “No electronics! Best month ever!!”  Before writing anything else, I just want to say that I wish every young person had access to camps, and it makes me sad that many do not. I have long contributed to organizations, including our regional YMCA, to help provide summer opportunities [...]

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