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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Are teens more lonely today?


With the use of technology and our connections on social media are we more connected or are we lonelier than ever? Screenagers is exploring this idea and how we can connect better with our teens: Are our teens lonelier now more than ever? Do they feel social on social media but in reality, some deeper need is not being met? There is some evidence this might be so. But it is not inevitable. There are ways to help our kids through this. Emotions give us information about our experience in the present moment. In the best case scenario, they are a buzzer that activates us to make a change. For instance, if we have a sense that we are missing the company of others—i.e. the sensation of loneliness–it is a signal to try to do something at [...]

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We Now Have Some Answers: Warning Signs and What to do if Someone You Know is Suicidal


September is Suicide Prevention Month. As part of that we want to share the article below, written by Kristen Roye, PsyD, about the warning signs of suicide and what can be done to help. One week prior to my high school graduation I found myself sitting in the waiting room of the psychiatric wing of a local hospital. My family member had attempted suicide. I remember walking through the sterile white doors into the hospital to visit her and my world was forever changed. I recall struggling with feelings of anger, confusion and hopelessness during this time and thinking that no one should ever have to go through this process alone. I desperately thought “someone should have prepared me for this” “someone should have prepared my family for this” “why didn’t anyone teach us about this?”. I was [...]

We Now Have Some Answers: Warning Signs and What to do if Someone You Know is Suicidal2022-09-19T18:54:36+00:00
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