Review many of TAG’s satisfied clients

Testimonials page image 4 middle school age boy“Our 16 year old daughter, an elite athlete and honors student had been abusing alcohol and drugs for over two years. We never would have suspected anything, since during this period she continued to hold things together so well and function at her high achieving level. She had us so fooled, until she began abusing prescription drugs. On the one hand, it was her demise, yet on the other, it was the catalyst behind us seeking help. We knew our little girl was in some kind of terrible trouble and we didn’t know what to do.

Tamara’s vast knowledge and expertise, objectivity in the wake of our crisis and endless support provided us the strength to intervene. Her service to our family reinforces the need for more professionals of her caliber. We are truly grateful for her dedication to her work and to the genuine care of our family.”

Parent of adolescent client

“ I knew I needed help, but getting it was another thing. My life was getting more and more out of control, but I kept telling myself, “ tomorrow will be different”, but it never was. Besides, why should I give up the good life when I know my parents would bail me out of any trouble I got into or better yet, would give me even more if I stay out of it? Despite the collectors harassing me, friends using me, my college suspending me, I still had my parents. They were “superparents” at solving my problems and righting my mistakes. Yeah, life was good. Always had been. Until…they had enough.

testimonial2When I walked in Tamara’s office, I was more curious than anything. I really had nothing to lose and besides, I could probably convince her that I was perfectly fine and maybe she would even smooth things over for me with my parents like that last psychiatrist did. Plus it would at least get my parents off my back for the time being. Wrong! She had my number and though it scared the living daylight out of me then, it was what saved me today. Even though I was over 18 and could have just said no to everything, her ability to connect with me and her resolve to support me were what kept me from running away. Boy, I tried, though, but each time her guidance and wisdom somehow made it seem like it would be OK. I just want to thank her for never giving up on me and for supporting my parents, so they wouldn’t give up on me either. For the first time in a long time, I have hope – hope in myself and in my future. And I feel love – love for myself and for my family”

Young adult client

“Just after my son was admitted to the local hospital for his raging behavior, I was told that he’d probably only be there for about 2-3 days and that residential treatment would be in his best interest upon discharge. My husband and I were not quite understanding what the case manager was saying. Why would they release him so quickly without knowing what is really going on? Then to be told on top of it that he shouldn’t come back home to the one place where he is loved, but we should consider sending him to a “residential facility”? This was so alarming and confusing to us. We didn’t understand any of it.

Testimonials page image 3 middle school girl Thank goodness that Tamara was referred to us. A coworker had passed on her name to us as well as my son’s school counselor. She truly helped bring the calm to the storm. Her compassion and professional knowledge helped us through our crisis. She educated us on our options and worked with us until we got our son placed safely. She advocated for him and our family every step of the way. I was an emotional wreck through it all, but somehow she guided us through. My husband and I believe strongly that we were blessed in finding her. We don’t know what we would have done or where we’d be today, but we thank her for being our compass.”

Parent of middle schooler

“It was so wonderful getting to catch up with you. It’s such a trip to think about where my recovery journey has taken me. I cannot thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me in this process. I’m absolutely full of gratitude for you!!

Student, 20 year old

IMG_0918“Thank you for all of your assistance with our son. As you know, parents are making a huge decision when sending a child to a transitional program based on very little data. Your experience with young adults combined with your knowledge of what’s out there was invaluable. His placement has been truly excellent from beginning to end! I’ve wondered whether other programs are as good or, as I suspect, his is exceptional. Most importantly, they actually love and care for the young adults under their supervision. They are very straight forward, even tough when they need to be, but always with compassion and the best interest of the student at heart. This approach wins the trust of the student, and sets the stage for openness, vulnerability, and ultimately change. Our son went from literally running away to feeling like he was part of an intimate family. I know this figured greatly in his decision to stay put. I am very happy he is continuing a therapeutic connection with the program as he takes his first steps into independence. We sincerely appreciate all you have done for our son and our family.”

Parents of 24 year old

“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your help last week. Making this decision for my child’s future is one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. You helped me feel assured that this is exactly where he needs to be.

Mother of a 15 year old

“As we come up on the year anniversary of when our son and our family’s journey started, I cannot express to you how much hope and excitement I have for him. I try to stay in the present but as he prepares his aftercare plan, it is difficult not to look beyond today. I know because of my own recovery, it is okay to look forward and make plans for the future but, we best not plan the outcome. I feel such excitement thinking that he actually has a future to plan for. Last year at this time I was not certain if he would make it to the next day.

I know we did go through a very difficult time starting near the end of March through May but it was very necessary in order for him to grow and get to the place he is today. We have been so pleased with our choice of his therapeutic boarding school. We cannot imagine a better fit for him! He has absolutely thrived there! I could not imagine him going anywhere else. The program they have developed along with the caring staff is exactly what he needs!

I know anything can still happen as he continues to work on his last stage before graduating, but to see and hear him planning for the future brings me much hope! I just wanted to take the time out of my day to thank you and for knowing that this would be a good fit for him!”

Parent of an 18 year old

Testimonials page Image 1“Tamara, I have been meaning to thank you for your continued guidance and your support thru our crisis last year with our son. It meant a lot to all of us and we appreciate it and also pray he is on back on track. He has a lot more confidence since he started with wilderness and school last year. He is much healthier and happy too. See his before and after pictures-it’s a big difference from last year!

Thanks again. If we know anyone who needs an Educational Consultant we will definitely tell them who to call!

Mother of a 16 year old

“I just want to thank you so much for all of your work on your behalf. You were truly used by God to direct us. Our son was very open with us during the transition from Wilderness and said how he appreciated us intervening and for “saving his life”. We will continue to keep you updated on all his progress. We thank you and God for all your wisdom and guidance.

Mother of 18 year old

Image for Testimonial Page - Bottom of Page“Thank you for your help and guidance with our son. I think you did an amazing assessment on him and we were very impressed and appreciative. You were head and shoulders above and more excellent than past professionals we sought out and have worked with. I appreciate your gentle but firm demeanor and I know that was a deciding factor for him to cooperate with you and this whole process. He will be flying out to treatment on Tuesday. Though he is not happy about going, he’s accepting of it. Thank you for your guidance with us through this tough time and situation as well. I am feeling our decision could not have been more perfect for him (and for us!)”

Mother of 22 year old

“Tamara Ancona has given us direction when we had no idea where we were going, held us up when we had no energy and walked beside us to help us stay the course. She has showed us more love and care than we could have imagined. We could not have made it without her. We are forever grateful.”

Parents of High School Senior