Immediate Attention Needed

Sometimes the needs of the family are URGENT and have escalated outside the realm of a parent’s control. Not knowing what to do next or to whom or where to turn, can sometimes cripple the parents with taking action. They may even act on a whim, not really knowing what is right or necessary for their child. Their world may seem like it is crumbling all around them – wondering if it will either implode or explode.

Their worry over their child’s safety as well as the breakdown of their family’s functioning is growing steadily. Their child though may be in such a state of denial and unable to admit that anything is really wrong in his/her world; or just the opposite, he/she may be crying out for help.

TAG Counseling recognizes the need to respond with urgency, helping each family sort through the many complexities of their crisis. The “triage” process almost always happens immediately, so as to assess the risk of the child’s continued danger and to determine what steps are in the best interest of the child and family. In many cases, parents often feel like they are living a “nightmare” and the greatest fears they ever had for their child are very real. The hands in which they choose next to place their child’s care become even more critical. Most parents find it essential to seek out those who are most clinically skilled, licensed and trained in mental health, with years of experience and expertise in their area of specialty as well as in therapeutic school and program placement. Much like the heart patient who seeks out the cardiologist over a general practitioner.

Through TAG Counseling’s Crisis Intervention Assessment, parents can expect the following:

  • Contact and initial intake within 24 hours
  • Emergency consultation with parents and child if appropriate
  • Consultation with attending professionals as appropriate
  • Full front-end assessment of the child’s psychological, emotional, behavioral, familial and academic needs
  • Recommendation and education around necessary course of action and appropriate level of intervention*

* (Crisis Intervention Assessment does not include specific program/school placement recommendations. At this juncture, however, contractual options can be extended to include full comprehensive placement services. )