A Supportive Approach — Continued Guidance Through the Treatment Journey

A Supportive Approach — Continued Guidance Through the Treatment Journey

parent supportThrough the years of working with countless numbers of families, TAG Counseling identified a huge void in the level of support being offered to her parent clients as they sought appropriate help for their struggling child. Often times, this meant placement outside of the home for their child, consequently exacerbating the emotional state of the parents and family. Hearing the cycle of complex feelings these parents were experiencing – from guilt and doubt, to relief and hope; from sadness and fear, to peace and validation –TAG Counseling designed a working model of support services specifically for her clients that otherwise were not available to parents. This changed the course of educational consulting and significantly raised the standard of services offered to those parents needing help.
Some of what TAG Counseling Parents might expect is as follows:

  • Continuous availability throughout all stages of the child’s placement(s)
  • Continuous guidance and referrals to local professionals for parents and siblings as needed. Those may include individual counselors, family and marriage therapists, addictions support groups and other mental health experts

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