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Children are ‘competing to become better self-harmers’


Self-harm is becoming more and more prevalent among children. As it does they are looking for different ways to harm themselves. Below is a study about the lengths children are willing to go to in order to self-harm. Children as young as 12 are competing with each other to commit worsening acts of self-harm on websites, a groundbreaking study reveals. They described wanting to become “better self-harmers” and match horrific injuries they saw on Tumblr, one of the sites they chose because posts receive little scrutiny. It is the first time researchers have been able to lift the lid on experience of such sites, after securing approval to interview young self-harmers. It will fuel growing concern sparked by the death of Molly Russell, 14, who took her life after viewing self-harm images on Instagram. This weekend, [...]

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Super Bowl Ads and Young Children


Did you and your family watch the Superbowl last night? Not everyone watches for the football - many people watch for the advertisements and the half time show. But, are the ads really kid-friendly (or the half time show for that matter)? The article below, written by the Children's Screen Time Action Network, demonstrates that they just might not be, and what you as a parent can do about it. It was January 1999 and the Falcons and the Broncos were playing in Super Bowl XXXIII when I had the moment. (Not the Janet Jackson moment, that came later.) But, the 'my-kids-should-not-be-seeing-ads" moment. You could argue it was the moment that led me here to CCFC. We were happily having a family gathering to watch the game. Drinks, friends, and pigs-in-a-blanket. Cut to an ad [...]

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