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Video Gaming “Among Us” Advice


Video gaming among children and teens is an ongoing hot topic. How can parents, especially with COVID fatigue continue to set boundaries with gaming? Screenagers tackled this topic below: There is lots and lots of video gaming these days. Parents tell me how they feel torn because their child does not have any after school sports or activities where they see friends, so video gaming is where they connect with their friends. Yet, they worry about the sheer amount of hours — 3, 4, 5 hours. Parents tell me about the “decision fatigue” they are seeing with their kids now during Covid. Their children say how they are worn down and giving up on trying to find alternative things to do besides video gaming (or shows, social media, etc.). Parents feel worn down as well. [...]

Video Gaming “Among Us” Advice2022-08-31T19:01:31+00:00

Teen Marijuana Use or Addiction?


Marijuana use among teens is on the rise. R&A Therapeutic Partners recently released this interesting article about the effects of teen marijuana use. Marijuana has often been thought of as a harmless drug that does not lead to addiction. However, many recent research studies have determined that not only is cannabis addictive, but the teen marijuana addiction rate is a serious concern. One study in particular found that adolescents are especially vulnerable to addiction, emphasizing the need for early screening and treatment. Prevalence Of Teen Marijuana Addiction Researchers from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently examined data collected from 2015 to 2018 to determine the prevalence of specific substance use disorders among adolescents, teenagers, and young adults. Specifically, the team’s goal was to determine the rate of addiction [...]

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Social Media & Racial Injustice


Social Media has positives and negatives. When it comes to current events it can have a significant impact and influence on kids and teens. Screenagers discusses the impact it can have and how to speak to kids about it. Talking with our kids and teens about media, social media, and the immensely important issue of racial injustice is so critical right now. How do these platforms bring us together to find solutions? How do they fracture us and make finding solutions harder?  Examples of  positives of social media and the internet right now As a past researcher in communication science at UC San Francisco, I am focused on how we can best talk with young people that will engage them the most. It is clear that when we talk about the positives of social media, [...]

Social Media & Racial Injustice2022-08-31T18:43:52+00:00

Back to School Organization


Parents, the school year is back! This year will have its challenges, but you are ready - and with a little extra preparation we're confident it will be a success. Below are some tips sent to us by Todd Lemoine team whether kids go to school in person or virtually. Build an ultimate homework station.   "In order to organize a powerhouse homework station, you must first understand the needs of the child or children," says Jessica Kennedy, productivity and organizing professional. "Organize the necessary tools and supplies in bins or baskets, and color code them if they're being used by multiple children. Label every bin and basket. Assign a spot to display artwork or notes of encouragement. Be sure the space is well lit!” Stay connected.   Download a family calendar app (like the Cozi Family Organizer) to keep everyone's [...]

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Is Modeling Screen Time a Myth?


Parents are a child's first model. Does that work with screens as well? Screenagers explore if this is true or a myth below: For years parents have said to me, “I know I am part of the problem. I should be modeling screen time better.” I first respond by validating them in some way, such as, “It is really great that you are thinking and talking about this issue of modeling screen time. It is so important.” Then, my next response often surprises them. Rather than say something like, “Yes, yes, I know we all need to do that better,” I gently point out that there is a major problem with the goal of “trying to model better” — the problem lies in the ambiguity of the goal — ambiguous goals never go well.  So much [...]

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