Is there a product to help combine screen time management as well as help parents manage kids’ devices? It just so happens that there is!

TechDen has created the first ever product that combines an app that parents use to manage screen time with a physical home that charges and stores kids’ phones and tablets. The Den takes an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to teaching kids healthy habits around device use, promoting a positive balance with technology and creating more family time. We’re about creating healthy habits for device use by teaching and empowering kids to put their screens in the Den. We want screens out of kids hands and sight, and have them outside playing! The mere ability to see their device simply triggers the desire to use it. Out of sight = out of mind. Kids become used to this routine early on, and routine eventually becomes habit.

TechDen is a tool to help parents manage screen time in the home. It doesn’t remove a parent from parenting. But it also encourages parents to teach their children healthy habits around device use. It’s no different than teaching our kids to brush their teeth, eat healthy snacks or look both ways when they cross the street. Technology isn’t going away and that’s not a bad thing, but we need to teach our kids to find balance and become healthy digital citizens.

As children are exposed to technology earlier and earlier tools like TechDen enable parents to set healthy limit and allow children to just be kids.

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