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Battle Bullying


Bullying is a prevalent issue in schools today. With everything else going on, how do we help kids battle against bullying? In the article below, written by Clint Fletcher, and posted on The Meadows website, we learn more about helping kids cope.Kids and teenagers are back in school, and that means homework, carpool, school lunches, football games … and bullying. The problem has gained more attention in recent years, but despite the spotlight, a significant portion of children and teens are still affected. According to the most recent School Crime Supplement by the National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice, about 20% of American students between the ages 12 to 18 experience some form of bullying. On top of this, the latest Youth Behavior Assessment from the CDC states that 19% of high school students [...]

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Gender Differences in Teen Depression


As if the teen years aren't hard enough - kids face a myriad of different emotions. Our friends at R&A Therapeutic Partners wrote the article below describing the challenges faced when teens have depression and the difference between the genders. The teenage years can be challenging. Between physical changes in the body, intense peer pressure, and an increased sense of social anxiety, teenagers often have difficulties finding their place. Many want to fit in while others want to stand out, even rebel. Teen depression is also becoming an alarmingly frequent trait of those transition years. Recent research has found that the rate of depression is increasing and that there are distinct gender differences in teen depression. Transition Years The teen years are a natural transition from being a child to growing into an adult. While [...]

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Distraction Free Parenting in 2020


Almost everyone seems to have a technology goal for 2020 and for a lot of parents it is to be on their devices less and be engaged in parenting more. Screenagers recently published the following article to help encourage parents to be more mindful of parenting while distracted on a device. Last night I felt a serious pang of remorse. My son Chase called me from college. Frankly, I assumed it was a quick check-in or perhaps an ask of some sort. I was editing footage at the time, and well I kept editing while we talked. Over the course of the call, I realized he had called to really have a solid conversation. But by the time I realized it the call was soon ending. When we hung up, I had a pit in [...]

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2019 Tech-Free Gift Guide


It's a magical time of year and shopping is in full swing. Tech gifts are always popular - but what else could we fill stockings with? Screenagers shared the following article with some non-tech gift ideas. This time of year, everyone is busy running around trying to find the perfect gift. What people don’t realize is you often don’t need to go to a store to find it. Giving experiences can have a longer-lasting and greater impact than giving the latest toy, gadget, or piece of clothing. Experiences promote connectivity, togetherness, and lifetime memories, whereas, the latest and greatest thing has a shelf life, which is usually six months to a year until the next greatest thing comes out.  The gift of spending time with your kids and other loved ones is one of my [...]

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Four Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress


The holidays are in full swing, which bring both happiness and occasionally stress and anxiety. The Help Group's Advance LA work gives advice on how to reduce holiday stress below.November brings the start of holiday fun and excitement! But despite the joys of the season, many people find themselves feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the holiday season’s extra activities, social and familial demands, and general stress.Most of us try to load up our already busy schedules while worrying about attending to our normal duties. With all of these higher expectations on us, it is easy to feel robbed of what should be a holiday season filled with joy, love, and wonder. So what to do?Here are some strategies for decreasing feelings of holiday stress and increasing your enjoyment of the holiday season:1. Practice Planning And Organizational [...]

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