The holidays are approaching quickly and with the merriment of the season comes purchasing gifts for loved ones. Top gifts for our teens are often something tech-related – whether a new laptop, gaming device or the newest cell phone. While these are all great gift ideas, they bring up an important point that should be considered – what are your family’s screen time rules? Or, if you don’t have any set up – does this gift being purchased require a conversation about screen time and setting limits?

This week’s Tech Talk Tuesday put out by Screenagers gives an excellent list of discussion points that family rules can be based on for technology.

Are you and your family on the same page with screen time rules?

  • Bedtime: Is there a time devices go off? Can devices be in the bedroom? Where do they go in the house if not in the bedroom? (Including television)
  • Homework: Can you have a computer out while doing homework? Can you have a phone out? Can you respond to texts, messages, Snapchats while doing homework?
  • Gaming: Are there rules around amount of time and or type of gaming? How about where you can game?
  • Social Media: Are there rules around time spent? Specific apps you can or can’t use? Are there times you can’t use social media?
  • Passwords: Do the parents in the house have passwords to every device and every account?
  • Meals: Can you have your device out at meals?

Technology gifts are fun and exciting, and as you purchase them we encourage you to set healthy family rules surrounding screen time. If you feel as though your teen or young adult has a hard time managing technology appropriately contact Tamara Ancona, MA, LPC at (678) 297-0708 for an evaluation and guidance to the best treatment option.