Choosing the appropriate educational path is one of the most
overwhelming decisions for students and their families.

TAG Counseling provides expertise and guidance centering around life changing choices

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Comprehensive Assessment

Comprehensive Assessment

A detailed understanding of your child’s needs

Educational & Therapeutic Placement


Knowledge and expertise applies to the decision making process

Parent Support


Additional resources and options for continued success

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Meet Tamara Ancona
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Initial Assessment
Meet Tamara Ancona

Tamara Ancona, MA, LPC

Tamara Ancona has a Master of Arts in Psychology with a Clinical Counseling Specialty and holds her certification as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Georgia.
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Initial Assessment

We will conduct a thorough intake over the telephone to initially determine how we can help, discussing in further detail our range of services, our comprehensive approach, our fee structure and scheduling options.

Client Testimonials

“Our 16 year old daughter, an elite athlete and honors student had been abusing alcohol and drugs for over two years…
Tamara’s vast knowledge and expertise, objectivity in the wake of our crisis and endless support provided us the strength to intervene. Her service to our family reinforces the need for more professionals of her caliber. We are truly grateful for her dedication to her work and to the genuine care of our family.”
Parent of adolescent client
“I knew I needed help, but getting it was another thing. My life was getting more and more out of control, but I kept telling myself, “ tomorrow will be different”, but it never was.
…For the first time in a long time, I have hope – hope in myself and in my future. And I feel love – love for myself and for my family”
Young adult client
“Thank goodness that Tamara was referred to us. A coworker had passed on her name to us as well as my son’s school counselor. She truly helped bring the calm to the storm. Her compassion and professional knowledge helped us through our crisis. She educated us on our options and worked with us until we got our son placed safely.”
Parent of middle schooler

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