Valentine’s day and the month of February are usually thought of as a time to celebrate romantic love. But are we teaching our young people that love isn’t just a feeling – it’s an action that we can demonstrate in both small and big ways daily?

As part of a month-long celebration of love we want to give some suggestions on how to show love to those around you and turn love into a verb at your house.

  • Compliment someone you care about
  • Ask them to let you listen to their favorite song and find out why they love it
  • Cook their favorite meal (together!)
  • Set aside time each month to go on a one-on-one “date”
  • Express gratitude for them
  • Write a note and leave it someplace they will find it later
  • “Heart attack” their door/car/locker
  • Ask for their opinion and take the time to listen
  • Offer to help them do something they don’t like doing (like cleaning their room!)
  • Reinforce good memories created together – talk about them, frame a picture, etc.

If you feel like your teen or young adult has trouble giving or receiving affection in a healthy way contact Tamara Ancona, MA, LPC, at (678) 297-0708 for an evaluation, and to discuss potential solutions.