School is out for the summer! With it comes long days in the sun,
Popsicles, and the endless battle of screen time. Recently Screenagers
published some facts from a gathering of researchers who met recently
to discuss information on kids’ brains and screen addiction. Here are
some of their key points:

“American children spend more time in front of electronic screens than any other activity except sleeping. The brain becomes what the brain does.” Dr. Douglas Gentile

“Ditch the 1:1 program. They need smaller class size so they can better
know and connect with their teacher/guide.” Dr. Richard Freed

“Up to 9% of American youth may suffer from an addiction to games or
social media.” Dr. Paul Weigle

“The virtual world becomes your reality. The real world becomes an
inconvenience.” Adam Brooker, former gamer

“Porn consumption typically begins at the age of 8. When you give the kid a mobile device, you have to be okay with giving them porn. If you’re not
okay with that, it’s time to change things up.” Dr. Richard Freed

“During the evening when children should be finishing homework or
reading a book or cuddling with parent, is now used by screen time or
gaming. They are given a reward of finishing the day. It takes away from
ideal sleep.” Dr. Kenneth Weeks

“Kids should get bored when eating. That’s okay. That’s what’s supposed to happen. If they are eating in front of the screen, that won’t happen.” Dr. Jennifer McCauley

“The brain is a multi-switcher, not a multi-tasker.” Dr. Douglas Gentile

“It’s okay to delay entertainment screens until late adolescence.” Melanie

If you have a loved one struggling with screen addiction please contact Tamara Ancona, MA, LPC at (678) 297-0708 for an evaluation, and to discuss the best treatment options available.